Commercial Photography

Appealing visuals are crucial for enticing customers, especially in the world of food. People want to see the mouthwatering colors, textures, and plating of your dishes, not just read about them.

Here's how I can help you achieve that:

Food Photography:

  • High-quality close-ups: Capture the intricate details of your dishes, showcasing fresh ingredients, vibrant colors, and tempting textures. Think glistening dewdrops on berries, crispy edges on a pizza, or the perfect swirl of chocolate in a dessert.
  • Action shots: Show the food in motion. A chef tossing pasta in the air, steam rising from a hot pizza, or a bartender pouring a colorful cocktail can add dynamism and energy to your visuals.
  • Variety and plating: Feature a diverse selection of dishes to cater to different preferences. Showcase creative plating arrangements that elevate the presentation and make the food even more appealing.

Restaurant Atmosphere:

  • Warm and inviting ambiance: Capture the atmosphere of your restaurant through shots of the dining area, cozy lighting, smiling staff, and happy customers enjoying their meals.
  • Unique details: Highlight any special elements that set your restaurant apart, like a mural on the wall, a beautiful patio, or an open kitchen where customers can see the chefs in action.

Social Media and Website Integration:

  • Use your visuals strategically: Post captivating food photos and restaurant atmosphere shots on your social media platforms. Rotate them regularly to keep your audience engaged.
  • Integrate photos into your menu and website: Showcase your dishes alongside their descriptions to give customers a clear picture of what they're ordering.
  • Run food photography contests or promotions: Encourage engagement by asking customers to share their own photos of your food on social media.

By working together, we can create a visual strategy that entices customers to visit your restaurant and try your delicious creations. Remember, high-quality visuals can be the difference between someone scrolling past and stopping to order a table!

Featured/Published in:

Guide to Greater Gainesville, WCJB 20 News Gainesville,, GD USA, Photographer’s Forum, Hair of the Dog, Dog Naturally Magazine, Wellness360 Magazine, Giggle Magazine, and MediLiving. Other ad projects for clients with my work published in Better Homes and Gardens, Our Town, Fun 4 Gator Kids, MiniMint, Home and Business Magazines.